Thanks to you, our efforts are starting to #ChangeZara! In December, Zara workers in NYC received a letter from the US Managing Director, Dilip Patel, saying that workers will receive raises of up to $3 an hour and access to full-time positions. This is a major victory for our campaign and demonstrates that when workers come together, we can make real changes.


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RAP’s new Short-Shifted report

Thanks to the hard work of RAP members and Professor Stephanie Luce of CUNY, we collected the stories and experiences of NYC retail workers in relation to their work schedules. By highlighting these workers' personal experiences, RAP's new reported Short-Shifted takes an in-depth look at how "just-in-time" scheduling and underscheduling affect workers' quality of life.

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Check out RAP’s expanded member office hours!

You are welcome to come by during the following times to discuss what's going on at work, your interests, and ideas to build a movement for justice in retail. If our drop-in hours don’t fit your schedule, call Jonathan at 917.244.8495 for a time to meet.

Check out RAP's expanded member office hours!

VIDEO: Retail Reality – Shifty Business

Schedules gone wild have become the industry norm. If you’ve ever had a crazy work schedule in retail and wondered why, watch now.

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The Retail Action Project (RAP) is a member-based organization with the mission of building worker power, elevating industry standards, and promoting family-sustaining jobs. We achieve this through engaging in collective action, highlighting worker voices, growing member professional capacity, and nurturing leadership.

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Read the Short-Shifted report here. As the retail industry grows, it is adopting “lean” manufacturing practices to manage a part-time workforce. Retailers’ just-in-time scheduling practices take advantage of sophisticated software and an increasingly desperate workforce to cut labor costs to the bone. 

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A Tale of Two Macy’s

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Liz Watson, Kay Thompson, and Sasha Hammad

Reposted from Liz Watson at the National Women’s Law Center. Earlier today, I caught up with Kay Thompson and Sasha Hammad during a break at the White House Summit on Working Families. Kay spoke at the Summit about what having a predicable full-time schedule and a say in the timing of her work hours has meant […]

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Summer 2014: Member Organizing Training Applications!


Member Organizing Training: June 2014 – September 2014 Application Deadline: Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 at 11:59pm RAP’s Member Organizing Training (MOT) is a 3-month intensive program that develops the organizing and leadership skills of RAP members who want to learn how to become leaders in workplace change. You’ll get the training, support and hands-on experience […]

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VIDEO: Retail Reality – Shifty Business released for May Day!

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RAP is excited to announce the release of a brand new, brilliantly animated video that explains how just-in-time scheduling works in retail! This video is our latest effort to educate retail workers and policy makers about the need for just hours: fair, stable and predictable schedules –  and explores who gets disproportionately affected by this […]

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Why is credit history discrimination unfair and bad for the economy?


Today, Retail Action Project (RAP) members rallied around City Councilmembers Brad Lander and Deborah Rose, who re-introduced a bill making it illegal to discriminate against job candidates based on their credit histories. The bill also restricts the use of credit checks for any promotion, demotion, or compensation decisions. RAP is a part of the NYC coalition […]

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