This brilliantly animated video explains how just-in-time scheduling works in retail, explores who gets disproportionately affected by this widespread industry trend, and why we need just hours. Click here for more information about this animation.

A look back at a successful 2014 at RAP!

Zara workers took to the streets on July 29th and shared why they want to #ChangeZara, demanding better hours, more pay, and equal access to promotions.

RAP member Onieka O’Kieffe tells CNN about her experience with employment discrimination based on a credit check at hiring at a major retailer.

RAP’s Healthcare Access Program director Flor Ramirez shares information about how to access free or low cost health insurance at RAP through the new exchanges.

An involuntarily underemployed RAP member shares how not getting enough hours at his part-time job affects his life.

Retail workers from Juicy & the Just Hours campaign deliver 5,000 signatures to Juicy Couture’s 5th Avenue Flagship, demanding enough hours and benefits.

RAP member Zyad Hammad shares what it’s like to not have any paid sick days as a cashier at Urban Outfitters.

At 35:47, RAP member and RWDSU Local 1-S Macy’s employee, Eno Awotoye shares shocking statistics on retail workers in New York City, and how workers in the Bronx fare worst.

RAP Member Ingrid Momperousse misses Thanksgiving with her family to work at Lord & Taylor.

RAP members Walter Arevalo and Tami Tyree protest low wages and erratic hours at Walmart. Walter, who worked at Walmart for 2 years, had a schedule that changed with no notice, making planning for childcare impossible.

RAP members support Walmart workers in New Jersey who walked out for better wages and conditions on Black Friday.

RAP Executive Director Carrie Gleason talks about the epidemic of unpredictable scheduling in retail.

RAP member Tamara Green works part-time even though she’s a top seller, and it’s not enough to get by.

RAP member Carolina Ferreyra discusses why raising the minimum wage in New York is a win-win.

Rev. Billy Preaching At Retail Action Project’s “March Of Hearts.”

RAP organizer Phil Andrews and RAP member Carolina Ferreyra discuss not getting paid overtime.