Why we want to #ChangeZara

    Zara workers are rising up across New York City. The majority of us are part-time and cannot afford to buy the clothes we sell. Since May, many of us have been organizing for more hours, better pay, advanced notification of our schedules, and equal opportunity for professional growth. Despite our repeated requests to meet collectively with U.S. management to address these concerns, they have yet to give us the opportunity for meaningful dialogue. What we’re asking for is simple: dignity, respect, and enough hours to support ourselves. We believe we deserve the same guaranteed access to benefits and representation as Zara workers across the Atlantic.


We can only win together!

Show our strength online

  • Support Zara workers organizing by signing our petition
  • Download and share one of the #ChangeZara images here on your social media networks
  • Keep our spirits up by taking a #ChangeZara solidarity selfie and tagging @RetailAction on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Take it to the streets

  • Are you a Zara worker? Want to speak with an organizer about how to get involved in the campaign? Call us at 646.490.5925
  • Check our calendar for upcoming actions where you can show the world why you want to #ChangeZara