RAP May Day

RAP’s research and campaigns spotlight how women and people of color are being hit hardest by troublesome trends in the retail industry. RAP’s policy advocacy team picks up where the retail industry falls short by advancing policy, organizing, and legal action to:

  • Win Sustainable Scheduling: Impact retailers’s scheduling practices and advance policies that promote work-life balance for retail workers.
  • Protect Middle Class Retail Jobs: Build the power of commissioned retail workers through rights education, organizing on the job and taking their issues to policymakers to advance better protections of their earnings.
  • Promote Financial Justice: From credit checks screenings of job applicants to hidden fees in new payroll cards – retail workers are increasingly impacted by employer practices that create discriminatory barriers to getting a job or make them vulnerable to unregulated financial industry trends.
  • Fighting Discrimination: Discrimination in pay, promotion, and hiring by retailers especially impacts people of color, women, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender), and immigrant workers.