Tackling Unstable and Unpredictable Work Schedules

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CLASP reportTackling Unstable and Unpredictable Work Schedules: A Policy Brief on Guaranteed Minimum Hours and Reporting Pay Policies

by the Center for Law and Social Policy, Retail Action Project, and Women Employed

Imagine if your work schedule changed from week to week or even from day to day, jumping from night shifts to day shifts. Imagine being scheduled to work 40 hours one week and 15 hours the next, with no expected pattern or warning of these fluctuations. Imagine paying for your children’s daycare and trekking across the city, only to have your manager send you home without pay, claiming there aren’t enough customers for you to work your shift. Imagine not knowing whether you’ll earn enough to be able to pay your rent or utility bills. Unfortunately, for a growing number of employees, these scheduling practices are becoming business as usual. This brief offers current and proposed policy and employer-based solutions to this crisis on a broad scale.

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